Q-Series Metal Buildings

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Manufactured exclusively in the United States, Crown Steel Building Systems® offer high sidewall clearance, and an unbeatable un-obstructed clear span of 100% usable space. And they are remarkably affordable.

Q-Series steel arch roof and sidewall systems buildings are perfect for a great many applications: grain and livestock storage, workshops, boat, automobile and truck storage, retail outlets, and distribution centers, even airplane hangers. Having no poles, beams, or obstructions, Q-series metal buildings are available in sizes from 20' to 100' wide and unlimited lengths. The ever popular arch style building is recognizable as a familiar and increasingly used building style as any drive through rural and suburban American will confirm. As part of the World War II war effort, in 1941, George A. Fuller was commissioned by the United States government to design and engineer a cheap, portable shelter intended for housing troops, storing large machinery, and warehousing supplies. He started construction of the units near Quonset, Rhode Island, and the rest is history. The rounded shapes of these structures proved them to be high durability and stability even under the harshest weather and environmental conditions that World War II had to offer. The buildings were so successful that the U.S. government produced 170,000 during the Second World War alone.

Q-Series Building Features

With Crown Steel Buildings® you get all this and more!



P-model steel building

Traditional house-shaped pitched roof and high sidewall clearance


S-model steel building

Rounded roof and clear-span interior that allows for maximum useable space


Q-model steel building

Military design most popular with farm or industrial applications


A-model steel building

Designed for heavy snow regions

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