Do-It-Yourself! Erect your own metal building in 4 easy steps!

1. Pour a simple floating foundation

All the necessary materials can be found at your local building supply store.

2. Construct the arches

Simply bolt the metal Arch sections together on the ground. All the 5/16 hexagon head bolts, nuts, and no-leak nylon washers are included. The last nine inches of each Arch panel are flat which allows the sections to fit tightly when bolted together. And because the bolts sit on a flat surface, not a corrugated one, you get a super-tight seal with no leaks.

3. Raise the arches

In most instances raising the Arches requires no special tools or equipment. Just pull the Arches up one after the other; most models require only rope and a little labor!

4. Install the endwalls and doors

Nothing could be easier! Factory colored endwalls are available as an option to match your taste in decor, fit in with existing structures, and achieve the great look you want and expect in a metal building from Crown Steel Buildings®"

With Crown Steel Buildings® you get all this and more!



P-model steel building

Traditional house-shaped pitched roof and high sidewall clearance


S-model steel building

Rounded roof and clear-span interior that allows for maximum useable space


Q-model steel building

Military design most popular with farm or industrial applications


A-model steel building

Designed for heavy snow regions

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